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2012 Art Alive


Material: Acrylic panels

Size: 600(D) × 1500(H) × 15000 (mm)(W)

The Reflective Perspectives acrylic installation offers a new way to perceive the park’s environment. Through the use of prefabricated, interlocking, transparent and mirrored panels, the overall structure has de-materialized our sense of space. The curved geometry and the changing densities of reflection and refraction create a dissolution and reconstitution of the images within our immediate environment as we move around it. With the highly varied orientations of the panels, the installation becomes a type of camouflage which integrates with the surrounding park environment. Under illumination at night, it becomes a glittering surface of internal reflections that creates a new space in the public realm.


Acknowledge: Reflective Perspectives, artalive@park2012 Pamphlet, 2012

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