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2012 Art Alive


Material: Bamboo

Size: 1500(m)×20000(m)

Shift Fence is a three-dimensional bamboo fence structure that re-examines the role and function of fences. By utilizing an expandable modular bamboo fence system, Shift Fence can bend, dip, rise, expand and contract, thereby manipulating the perception of space, since it can direct and dictate the movements of those interacting with it. Entering the park from the north entrance, visitors are directed by Shift Fence towards the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront and the artwork can alter one's view of the Hong Kong skyline. Shift Fence innovatively fastens bamboo poles together, and aesthetically arranges them to filter light and cast interesting shadows. Visitors may touch and feel the natural materials of the fence to interact more intimately with the artwork; they are also encouraged to interact with other visitors in the park as well.


Acknowledge: Reflective Perspectives, artalive@park2012 Pamphlet, 2012

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