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2012 Biennale


MUD office + Neri & Hu design and Reasearch Office+ Art Lab produce an installation placed in Hong Kong major exhibition ‘2012 Biennale’   named “The in-between of Hong Kong/ Shanghai”.

Cities are formed from different scales of containment and the moments in between them. We find the given bunk beds a powerful parallel with a basic inhabitable unit among the building blocks of urban moments, starting from the human body. From within each unit, people begin to reach out into their surroundings in between the times, the spaces and the people. The in between of Hong Kong/ Shanghai offers a glimpse into some of these moments of engagement from our understanding of what Shanghai and Hong Kong currently embody, especially in the constant dialogue between the old and the new in both city’s soaring densities. The installation invites visitors to meander through physical containments that hold our points of views experientially, spiritually, and metaphorically, and we hope the exchange will leave visitors with their own memories of being in between.



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