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Bilgian Spirit


MUD has been commissioned to construct an installation, project ‘Belgian Spirit’ for the event DeTour 2011 in Hong Kong.

“Implicitly, the ‘Belgian Spirit’ suggests that a common pattern - woven by a tradition of interaction within a nation formed around its multiculturalism and differences, in a constant practice of the search for balance - underpins in filigree the work of Belgian creators.

The scenography proposes a materialized expression of this balance, which is both the strength and uniqueness of Belgium. Base on a tensegrity structure, stabilized not by the strength of its constituents but by the distribution and equilibrium of the forces present, the scenography achieves the suspension of discrete components compressed within a net of continuous tension. Each element contributes to the whole and any alteration generates a readjustment of the overall balance.

Within this aerial structure, the T-shirts of Belgian designers will be hung three- dimensionally and surround the audience interactively. Together, T-shirts, visitors and spatial structure will produce a synergy that simultaneously reflects balance,

Multiculturalism, multidisciplinary, and interaction…

Thus, the stenographic installation becomes the materialized poetic metaphor of the ‘Belgian Spirit’ “

Acknowledge: Belgian Spirit, DeTour 2011 Booklet, 2011

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